Astra Reviews 2023

Are you a WordPress developer seeking the perfect theme that combines versatility, speed, and seamless customization? Are you tired of struggling with slow-loading websites and limited design options? Look no further! Introducing “Astra Reviews 2023,” your ultimate guide to unlocking the potential of the Astra theme. In this in-depth review article, we delve into the burning questions that haunt WordPress developers and users alike, exploring how Astra tackles these challenges head-on. Join us as we uncover the secret to creating stunning, high-performance websites with ease.

The most cost-effective option.

Searching for the most cost-effective option within Astra’s plans? Wondering which plan suits your needs without breaking the bank? Uncover the secret to finding the perfect balance of affordability and features. Among the various plans offered by Astra, how can you determine the best fit for your website? Let’s unravel the mystery and discover the most budget-friendly choice tailored to your requirements. Delve into the world of Astra’s pricing options and unlock the ideal plan for your website’s success.

PlanPrice (Annual)Features
Astra FreeFreeLightweight and fast-loading, responsive design, basic customization
Astra Pro$59All Free features, custom layouts, advanced typography, page builder integrations, white-labeling, premium website templates, priority support, regular updates
Astra Mini Agency$169All Astra Pro features, plus access to Astra’s future products
Astra Agency$249All Astra Mini Agency features, unlimited website usage, and additional features such as ready-to-use website demos, training videos, and dedicated support


To calculate the most cost-effective option, consider your specific needs and requirements. If you only require the essential features and basic customization options, the Astra Free plan would suffice.

However, if you require advanced customization options, page builder integrations, premium website templates, and priority support, the Astra Pro plan at $59 per year offers a comprehensive package and may be the most cost-effective choice for many users.

The Astra Mini Agency plan at $169 per year provides access to Astra’s future products, which may be valuable if you anticipate utilizing these additional offerings.

The Astra Agency plan at $249 per year includes all the features of the Mini Agency plan but also offers unlimited website usage, ready-to-use website demos, training videos, and dedicated support. If you manage multiple websites or require additional resources and support, this plan may be the most cost-effective option.

Consider your specific needs, budget, and the value you derive from each plan’s features to determine the most suitable and cost-effective option for your requirements.

Why choose Astra?

What makes Astra stand out among the rest? Why do website owners flock to this remarkable theme? Unveil the compelling reasons behind Astra’s popularity and embark on a journey of seamless website creation. Explore the unmatched advantages and unrivaled benefits that make Astra the preferred option. Elevate your website with Astra’s charm and experience the difference.

1. Lightweight and Fast:

Astra is known for its lightweight code and optimized performance, resulting in fast-loading websites. This advantage ensures a smooth user experience and improved search engine rankings. For example:

  • A photography portfolio website: A professional photographer chooses Astra for their portfolio website because of its lightweight nature. They frequently upload high-resolution images to showcase their work. Astra’s optimized code and efficient performance ensure that the images load quickly, allowing visitors to browse through the portfolio smoothly without any noticeable delays. This enhances the overall user experience and showcases the photographer’s work in the best possible way.
  • An online fashion retailer: A fashion retailer operating an e-commerce store understands the importance of fast-loading product pages. They choose Astra because of its lightweight design, enabling their product pages to load swiftly. This ensures a seamless shopping experience for their customers, who can quickly view product images, read descriptions, and make purchases without any significant waiting times. The fast-loading pages contribute to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

2. Flexibility and Customization:

Astra provides extensive customization options, allowing users to create unique and personalized websites. Users can choose from pre-built starter templates, modify layouts, change colors, and customize typography to match their branding. For example:

  • A creative agency: A creative agency prefers Astra due to its flexibility and extensive customization options. They can easily modify the layout and design elements to match their clients’ branding requirements. For instance, when designing a website for a luxury hotel, they can customize the header, colors, and typography to create a sophisticated and elegant look that aligns with the hotel’s brand identity. Astra’s flexibility allows the agency to deliver tailored solutions that meet their clients’ unique needs.
  • A personal blog: A passionate blogger chooses Astra for their personal blog because of its customization capabilities. They can choose from a wide range of starter templates and customize various elements to create a unique and visually appealing blog. They can personalize the color scheme, typography, and layout to reflect their personal style and create a distinct online presence. Astra’s customization options enable the blogger to build a blog that truly represents their personality and attracts their target audience.

3. Seamless Integration with Page Builders:

Astra seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others. This integration empowers users to design and customize their website’s pages using a visual drag-and-drop interface. For example:

  • An online marketing agency: An agency specializing in marketing and lead generation chooses Astra for its seamless integration with popular page builders like Elementor. They leverage Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface along with Astra’s compatibility to create high-converting landing pages and sales funnels for their clients. The integration enables them to design visually captivating pages with ease and optimize them for effective lead generation and conversions.
  • An educational institution: A university or college website benefits from Astra’s integration with page builders like Beaver Builder. They can use Beaver Builder’s intuitive interface to design engaging course pages, faculty profiles, and event listings. Astra’s compatibility ensures that the design elements seamlessly blend with the overall website aesthetics, allowing the educational institution to showcase their offerings attractively and effectively engage prospective students.

4. Compatibility with WooCommerce:

Astra is built with compatibility for WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This makes it an excellent choice for online store owners. With Astra, users can easily customize their WooCommerce product pages, category pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages. For example:

  • An online cosmetics store: An entrepreneur launching an online cosmetics store chooses Astra for its compatibility with WooCommerce. They can customize the product pages, category layouts, and shopping cart experience to create an immersive and user-friendly online shopping environment. They can showcase product variations, offer detailed descriptions and images, and simplify the checkout process to drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • A craft marketplace: A platform hosting various artisans and craft sellers benefits from Astra’s compatibility with WooCommerce. The marketplace can provide a consistent and visually appealing user experience across multiple vendor stores. With Astra, they can customize the overall marketplace design, maintain a cohesive brand presence, and ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers navigating through different artisan shops.

5. Regular Updates and Support:

Astra is backed by a dedicated development team that regularly updates the theme with new features, security patches, and performance enhancements. Users also receive timely support and assistance from the Astra team. This ensures a reliable and up-to-date website. For example:

  • An enterprise-level corporate website: A large corporation chooses Astra for their website because of its commitment to regular updates and ongoing support. They rely on Astra’s development team to release security patches, bug fixes, and new features promptly. Regular updates ensure that their website remains secure, optimized, and up-to-date, offering a reliable and stable online presence for the company.
  • A non-profit organization: A non-profit organization relies on Astra for their website because of the dedicated support provided. They appreciate the availability of technical assistance and guidance whenever they encounter issues or require customization help. The responsive support team ensures minimal downtime, helping the organization focus on their mission and engage with their audience effectively.

6. Performance-Focused Design:

Astra is designed to prioritize performance and follows best practices for optimized code and minimal server requests. This advantage results in faster page load times and improved overall website performance. For example:

  • A news publication website: A news website with a high volume of daily content chooses Astra for its performance-focused design. Astra’s optimized code and efficient rendering enable the website to load quickly, allowing readers to access the latest news articles without delays. The fast performance contributes to a seamless user experience and helps the publication retain readership.
  • An online learning platform: An e-learning platform understands the importance of performance for delivering a smooth and engaging learning experience. They choose Astra for its performance-focused design, ensuring that course pages, multimedia content, and interactive elements load swiftly. This enables students to navigate through lessons, access resources, and engage with the platform’s features seamlessly, enhancing their overall learning journey.

These advantages, combined with Astra’s user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, make it an attractive choice for individuals, businesses, and web developers looking to create professional and high-performing WordPress websites.

Brand new Astra in 2023

Are you ready to explore the remarkable changes that await in the brand new Astra of 2023? What exciting updates and enhancements have transformed this popular WordPress theme? Curious to know how Astra has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of modern websites? Brace yourself as we embark on a journey to uncover the captivating advancements that will revolutionize your online presence. What remarkable features and cutting-edge functionalities await in the latest version of Astra? Here are the changes in the 2023 version of Astra compared to previous versions, highlighting the advancements and improvements:

1. Enhanced Performance and Speed:

  • Before: Astra has always been known for its lightweight nature and fast loading times.
  • Now: Astra 2023 introduces significant performance optimizations, further enhancing its loading speed. The codebase has been streamlined and optimized, resulting in even faster page load times compared to previous versions. Users will experience a noticeable improvement in website performance, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

2. Revamped Design Options and Customization:

  • Before: Astra offered a good range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their website’s design.
  • Now: Astra 2023 brings a revamped design interface with an expanded range of customization options. Users now have even more control over typography, color schemes, and spacing, enabling them to fine-tune every aspect of their website’s design with greater precision. The new customization features allow for more creativity and flexibility in creating visually stunning layouts.

3. Introduction of Header Builder:

  • Before: Astra provided pre-designed header layouts, but customization options were limited.
  • Now: Astra 2023 introduces a powerful Header Builder tool, allowing users to design and customize their website’s header section with ease. The Header Builder empowers users to create unique header layouts, customize logo placement, menu styles, and add additional elements such as social media icons or search bars. This feature eliminates the need for additional header customization plugins and provides users with more flexibility and control over their website’s header design.

4. Advanced Blog Layout Options:

  • Before: Astra offered basic blog layout options to display posts.
  • Now: Astra 2023 enhances the blog layout options, offering users more flexibility and creativity in showcasing their blog posts. Users can now choose from a wider range of post layout styles, including grid, masonry, and timeline layouts. Additionally, customizable meta information, featured image display options, and typography settings allow bloggers to create visually appealing and engaging blog layouts.

5. Deeper WooCommerce Integration:

  • Before: Astra had good compatibility with WooCommerce, allowing users to create online stores.
  • Now: Astra 2023 strengthens its compatibility with WooCommerce, providing users with enhanced e-commerce capabilities. The theme now offers more customization options for product pages, category layouts, and checkout processes. Users can effortlessly customize the appearance of their online store, showcase product variations, and optimize the shopping experience to increase conversions and provide a seamless buying journey for customers.

6. Seamless Integration with Popular Plugins:

  • Before: Astra had integration capabilities with popular plugins.
  • Now: Astra 2023 expands its compatibility with popular plugins, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility. Users can now easily integrate popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and WPForms into their Astra-powered websites. This allows for enhanced SEO efforts, customized contact forms, and improved overall website functionality without any compatibility issues.

7. Improved Accessibility Features:

  • Before: Astra focused on providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Now: Astra 2023 places an increased emphasis on accessibility. The theme introduces improved features to ensure websites are accessible to all users. Built-in options for improving color contrast, text readability, and keyboard navigation have been added. These accessibility enhancements ensure that websites built with Astra are inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards, providing an optimal user experience for individuals with disabilities.

8. Streamlined Import/Export Functionality:

  • Before: Astra had basic import/export functionality.
  • Now: Astra 2023 introduces a streamlined import/export functionality, making it easier for users to transfer their theme settings, templates, and customizations across different installations. This feature simplifies website management, particularly for web developers or agencies working with multiple client projects.

These changes in Astra 2023 demonstrate the continual evolution and improvement of the theme, with a focus on enhancing performance, customization options, integrations, accessibility, and user experience. Users can expect an upgraded and feature-rich experience compared to previous versions of Astra.

Disadvantages of astra

Have you ever wondered about the shortcomings of Astra and how they have been addressed? What bugs plagued Astra in the past, but have they been resolved? Let’s dive into the realm of Astra’s history and explore the challenges it faced, along with the solutions implemented. Delve into the world of past bugs and shortcomings, and discover how Astra has evolved to overcome them. Are you ready to unravel the journey of improvement and see how Astra has tackled these issues? Join us as we explore the bugs of the past, the lessons learned, and the steps taken to create a more seamless user experience.

1. Past Bugs and Shortcomings:

Astra, like any software, has faced its share of bugs and shortcomings in the past. However, the team behind Astra has been proactive in addressing and resolving these issues. Let’s delve into some specific examples:

  • Compatibility Issues with Certain Plugins: In the past, Astra had encountered compatibility issues with a few third-party plugins. This created challenges for users who relied on specific plugins for their website functionality. However, the Astra team has worked diligently to address these compatibility issues through regular updates and bug fixes. The latest versions of Astra have greatly improved compatibility with popular plugins, ensuring a smoother and more seamless user experience.
  • Styling Conflicts and CSS Overrides: Some users have encountered styling conflicts and CSS overrides when integrating Astra with certain themes or customization plugins. This led to inconsistent design elements and unwanted visual discrepancies. However, the Astra development team has actively tackled this issue by providing detailed documentation and support resources to help users resolve styling conflicts. Additionally, they have introduced enhanced styling options and built-in compatibility with popular customization plugins, minimizing the occurrence of such conflicts.

2. Ongoing Bug Fixes and Continuous Improvement:

Despite the past bugs and shortcomings, it is important to note that Astra has demonstrated a strong commitment to ongoing bug fixes and continuous improvement. The development team has been quick to address reported issues and release updates that address these concerns. Regular maintenance and bug fix releases have significantly improved the stability and reliability of Astra over time.

3. Active Community Support and Documentation:

Astra has fostered an active community of users who actively engage in discussions, troubleshooting, and sharing solutions. This supportive community, combined with comprehensive documentation and tutorials provided by the Astra team, has proven invaluable in overcoming any shortcomings or bugs. Users can access detailed guides, knowledge bases, and forums to find solutions to specific issues they may encounter.

In summary

while Astra has had its share of bugs and shortcomings in the past, the development team has made remarkable strides in resolving these issues and improving the overall user experience. Continuous updates, enhanced compatibility, and active community support have contributed to overcoming past challenges. By actively addressing bugs, fostering community engagement, and providing comprehensive resources, Astra has taken significant steps towards ensuring a more robust and reliable WordPress theme for its users.

Astra vs. Competitors: Unleashing Simplicity, Customization, and Performance

Looking for the perfect WordPress theme that combines simplicity, customization, and performance? Enter Astra—the unrivaled choice that outshines its competitors. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into how Astra excels in user experience, customization options, and website performance. Discover why Astra should be your go-to solution for visually stunning websites that leave a lasting impression. Unleash the power of simplicity, customization, and performance with Astra and take your online presence to new heights.

1. Astra vs. Avada: Streamlined Simplicity vs. Feature Overload

Astra and Avada stand as two formidable WordPress themes, each with its own strengths. However, Astra’s focus on streamlined simplicity sets it apart from Avada’s feature-heavy approach. While Avada offers a wide array of options, Astra excels in providing a clean and intuitive user experience. Astra’s lightweight framework ensures faster loading times, making it ideal for users who prioritize speed and efficiency. Additionally, Astra’s simplified interface and user-friendly customization options allow users to effortlessly build stunning websites without getting lost in a sea of overwhelming features. With Astra, you can enjoy a harmonious balance between functionality and ease of use, creating a seamless website-building experience.

  • User Experience: With Avada, users have access to a wide range of features and customization options. While this may seem appealing initially, it can often lead to a cluttered and overwhelming user interface. On the other hand, Astra focuses on streamlined simplicity. Its clean and intuitive interface guides users through the customization process without overwhelming them with excessive options. Astra provides a focused set of customization options that are carefully designed to enhance the user experience and make website development more efficient.
  • Loading Speed: Astra’s lightweight framework ensures faster loading times compared to Avada. In a real-world scenario, let’s consider two websites with similar designs—one built with Astra and the other with Avada. Upon testing their loading speeds, it becomes evident that the Astra-powered website loads significantly faster. This speed advantage not only provides a better user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings and overall website performance.

2. Astra vs. OceanWP: Limitless Customization vs. Intuitive Design Control

OceanWP and Astra cater to users seeking extensive customization options. However, Astra sets itself apart by offering unparalleled customization capabilities combined with an intuitive design control. Astra’s vast library of starter sites and pre-built templates provide a solid foundation for users to kickstart their website development journey. Its seamless integration with popular page builders like Elementor allows for effortless design customization, ensuring that users have complete creative control over their websites. Astra’s attention to detail in providing comprehensive customization options, coupled with its intuitive interface, empowers users to achieve their desired website aesthetics without sacrificing performance. With Astra, you can embrace the true meaning of customization without compromising on user experience.

  • Starter Sites and Templates: Astra offers a wide range of professionally designed starter sites and pre-built templates that cater to various industries and niches. These starter sites serve as a solid foundation for users who want to quickly launch their websites with a professional look and feel. OceanWP also provides customization options, but it may lack the breadth and depth of starter site options that Astra offers. With Astra, users can save time and effort by choosing a relevant starter site and customizing it to their specific needs, accelerating their website development process.
  • Compatibility with Page Builders: While both Astra and OceanWP integrate well with popular page builders, Astra takes it a step further by ensuring an intuitive and seamless design control. For instance, let’s consider a user who wants to create a complex layout using Elementor. With Astra, the user can easily leverage the compatibility and design options specifically tailored to work seamlessly with Elementor. Astra’s dedicated design controls, custom widgets, and deep integration allow users to achieve their desired layout and design without any compatibility issues or design constraints.

3. Astra vs. Elementor: Powerful Theme Integration vs. Builder Compatibility

Elementor is widely regarded as a leading page builder in the WordPress ecosystem, and Astra stands as the perfect complement to unlock its true potential. While Elementor requires a solid foundation to thrive, Astra provides the ideal canvas for seamless integration and optimal performance. Astra’s deep integration with Elementor ensures a cohesive workflow, allowing users to leverage the full power of Elementor’s drag-and-drop design capabilities without any compatibility issues. By combining Astra’s lightweight framework and advanced theme options with Elementor’s robust design features, users can enjoy an unrivaled website-building experience. With Astra, you can unleash your creativity while maintaining a high level of performance and functionality.

  • Design Control and Flexibility: When using Elementor with Astra, users experience a remarkable level of design control and flexibility. For instance, a user may want to create a unique header layout with a custom menu style and logo placement. Astra’s compatibility and integration with Elementor provide a dedicated set of options and controls that allow users to design and customize the header to their exact specifications. This seamless integration ensures that users can harness the full potential of Elementor without any limitations imposed by the theme.
  • Performance Optimization: While Elementor is a powerful page builder, it can sometimes impact website performance if not used with an optimized theme. Astra addresses this concern by focusing on lightweight code and performance optimization. By using Astra as the base theme, users can ensure that their websites maintain fast loading times and optimal performance, even with complex Elementor designs. The combined power of Astra’s performance optimization and Elementor’s design capabilities allows users to create visually stunning websites without compromising on speed or user experience.

4. The Users’ Perspective: Performance, Simplicity, and Endless Possibilities

When it comes to user priorities, Astra excels in meeting the key aspects that matter most. Performance optimization is a fundamental consideration, and Astra’s lightweight code and efficient design ensure fast-loading websites that captivate visitors from the first click. Simplicity is another vital factor, and Astra’s user-friendly interface and intuitive customization options empower users of all skill levels to create stunning websites effortlessly. Furthermore, Astra’s compatibility with popular plugins and seamless integration with page builders like Elementor offer endless possibilities for customization, enabling users to bring their unique visions to life.

While Avada, OceanWP, and Elementor have their strengths, Astra emerges as the top choice for users seeking a balance of performance, simplicity, and customization options. Astra’s streamlined simplicity, intuitive design control, seamless builder integration, and unwavering focus on user experience set it apart from its competitors. With Astra, you can create visually striking, high-performing websites that cater to your unique needs, while enjoying the flexibility and ease of use that only a top-tier WordPress theme can provide. Choose Astra and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities for your online presence.


A: To optimize Astra for improved page speed performance, you can follow these steps:

  • Minimize the use of external scripts and plugins.
  • Utilize Astra’s built-in performance settings, such as enabling lazy loading for images and optimizing CSS and JavaScript.
  • Implement a caching mechanism, such as integrating Astra with popular caching plugins like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache.
  • Compress and optimize your images using tools like Smush or Optimole.
  • Consider utilizing a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute your website’s assets across multiple servers for faster loading times.

A: Absolutely! Astra empowers users of all skill levels to create custom layouts without any coding knowledge. With the help of Astra’s intuitive visual design controls and compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder, you can easily create unique and visually appealing layouts. Simply drag and drop elements, adjust settings, and customize your website to achieve your desired look and feel. Astra’s extensive library of pre-built templates and starter sites further simplifies the process, allowing you to kickstart your design journey with professional designs and customize them to suit your specific needs.

A: Absolutely! Astra is compatible with a wide range of e-commerce plugins, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Shopify. Whether you’re looking to build an online store, sell digital products, or integrate with a third-party e-commerce platform, Astra provides seamless compatibility and dedicated design options for these plugins. You can effortlessly create stunning product pages, customize your checkout process, and showcase your products with ease using Astra’s intuitive customization settings and e-commerce integration features.

A: Yes, Astra fully supports multilingual websites. It is compatible with popular multilingual plugins such as WPML and Polylang, allowing you to create a website that caters to a global audience. With Astra, you can easily translate your website content, manage different language versions, and provide a seamless user experience for visitors from different regions. By combining Astra’s flexibility with powerful multilingual plugins, you can ensure that your website reaches and engages users worldwide.

A: Absolutely! Astra offers extensive options for customizing typography and color schemes. You can choose from a wide range of Google Fonts and customize font sizes, weights, and styles to match your brand or design preferences. Astra’s intuitive theme options panel allows you to define global color schemes, customize individual elements, and ensure consistency throughout your website. Whether you’re looking for a bold and vibrant design or a minimalistic and elegant style, Astra provides the tools to achieve your desired typography and color scheme.

A: Yes, Astra seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party plugins and extensions. Whether you need to incorporate advanced contact forms, social media sharing buttons, SEO tools, or other functionalities, Astra provides compatibility with popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, MonsterInsights, and more. This integration allows you to extend the functionality of your website and enhance its features without any compatibility issues.

A: Absolutely! Astra is designed with SEO best practices in mind. It follows clean and optimized code standards, ensuring fast loading times and efficient crawling by search engine bots. Astra’s lightweight design, structured data implementation, and seamless integration with popular SEO plugins make it an excellent choice for boosting your website’s search engine rankings. Additionally, Astra offers options for customizing meta tags, headers, and other essential SEO elements, giving you full control over how your content appears in search engine results.

A: Yes, migrating your existing website to Astra is a seamless process. Astra provides compatibility with popular migration plugins like All-in-One WP Migration or Duplicator, which allow you to transfer your website’s files, database, and settings to a new WordPress installation with Astra as the active theme. By following the migration plugin’s instructions, you can ensure that all your content, media, and configurations are smoothly transferred to Astra without any data loss.

A: Yes, Astra supports schema markup and rich snippets, which are crucial for enhancing your website’s visibility and providing additional context to search engines. Astra integrates with, a widely recognized markup language, to generate structured data that search engines understand. This helps search engines display rich snippets in search results, including information like star ratings, product prices, review summaries, and more. By using Astra, you can optimize your website’s appearance in search engine results and increase its chances of attracting clicks and engagement.

A: Absolutely! Astra offers compatibility with popular membership and subscription plugins like MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro, and Paid Memberships Pro. With these plugins and Astra’s dedicated design options, you can effortlessly create membership levels, restrict access to content, manage recurring subscriptions, and provide an exclusive user experience for your members. Astra’s compatibility and seamless integration with these plugins ensure a smooth and secure environment for running your membership or subscription-based website.

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