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Quick Summary

Since an international customer took the initiative to choose Kinsta hosting the year before last, I tried Kinsta passively, and as a result, I recommended Kinsta to all e-commerce customers.

  • One-click debugging
  • One-click CDN
  • One-click caching
  • Automatic daily backups
  • One-click HTTPS
  • Restart the PHP
  • IP address masking

Kinsta Plans & Pricing

Kinsta is 30USD per month and 300USD for the whole year, which is much more expensive than most professional WP hosts. So if you are just a beginner in website building, or a small company website without profit, it will definitely be too expensive. But if you want to do e-commerce, I must strongly recommend Kinsta.


  • 1 Web
  • 25k visits
  • 10G SSD
  • 100G CDN
  • 1 Migration
  • No Multisite
  • No Site Cloning
  • Daily Backup
  • Manual Backup


  • 2 Web
  • 50k visits
  • 20G SSD
  • 200G CDN
  • 2 Migrations
  • Multisite
  • Site Cloning
  • Daily Backup
  • Manual Backup


  • 5 Web
  • 100k visits
  • 30G SSD
  • 400G CDN
  • 3 Migrations
  • Multisite
  • Site Cloning
  • Daily Backup
  • Manual Backup

Why I Recommend Kinsta

1. Kinsta hosting is really fast

The main reason I recommend it is that it is fast and you don’t need to bother optimizing your hosting environment. Many people like to use GTmetrix to test the website speed. I have done many website speed tests. I put the same website I built on Alibaba Cloud’s Hong Kong node. The GTmetrix score is C. After changing it to Kinsta’s Hong Kong node, the score is direct All A. After many times of this kind of speed test, I have formed a habitual judgment. As long as the website I made can score C in the test, then the score of changing it to Kinsta will be A, without exception.

Kinsta’s performance improvement for the website, in addition to the conventional gzip, cdn and other impact scores, the most important thing is its short TTFB (first response time), which is an important indicator on GTmetrix, and it is also the most important factor for ordinary visitors to your website speed. Intuitive experience.

2. Kinsta hosting maintenance saves time

In addition to the fast speed of Kinsta hosting, for WordPress website developers, it naturally saves a lot of time for maintaining the host, and time is money. Each website on Kinsa is 300USD a year, but the time it saves me is worth more than a dozen 300USD, so I have to try my best to recommend it to customers, so that my time cost of maintaining their website will be greatly reduced in the future.

3. Description of practical functions of Kinsta hosting

1. One-click debugging

If it is a host that is maintained by itself, opening the debug means changing the config file in the root directory of the website, switching directories and uploading files every time. The debug can be turned on and off with one click in the background of Kinsta, which saves effort.

2. One-click CDN

You don’t need to install any plug-ins, let alone buy CDN traffic yourself. Kinsta provides free CDN, which is enabled by default when the website is uploaded. The traffic provided by kinsta is completely enough for websites with thousands of IPs per day, which is equivalent to saving a lot of money, so the price of 300 dollars makes me feel like it has become 200 dollars.

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No extra cost. Choose from 35 data centers. All locations offer Google’s best C2 machines! Plus, CDN has 275+ POPs.

Changhua County, TaiwanSydney, AustraliaZurich, SwitzerlandMoncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
Hong KongMelbourne, AustraliaMilan, ItalyAshburn, Virginia, USA
Tokyo, JapanWarsaw, PolandParis, FranceColumbus, Ohio, USA
Osaka, JapanHamina, FinlandTel Aviv, IsraelDallas, Texas, USA
Seoul, South KoreaMadrid, SpainMontréal, CanadaThe Dalles, Oregon, USA
Mumbai, IndiaSt. Ghislain, BelgiumToronto, CanadaLos Angeles, California, USA
Delhi, IndiaLondon, United KingdomSão Paulo, BrazilSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
Jurong West, SingaporeFrankfurt, GermanySantiago, ChileLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Jakarta, IndonesiaEemshaven, NetherlandsCouncil Bluffs, Iowa, USA 

3. One-click caching

You don’t need to install a cache plug-in on kinsta, of course, this function is combined with the above one-click CDN.

4. Daily automatic backup

This function is also free. Thinking about it, I have to buy an oss resource package on Alibaba Cloud and configure the environment myself… Naturally, I think the cost of 200 dollars has become 150 dollars.

5. One-click HTTPS

Many other WP hosts also provide this function, but Alibaba Cloud does not have this function.

5. Restart the PHP environment with one click

It is enough to restart the website after hanging up, but most other WP hosts also provide this function.

6. IP address masking

No need to install plug-ins, no need to configure the environment by yourself, block the specified IP address and address segment, you can set the address segment of a certain country.


Yes, Kinsta offers super-fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta exclusively offers the highest-end CPUs and global availability thanks to Google’s C2 machines. Kinsta’s clients are seeing performance improvements from 30% all the way up to 200%!

Kinsta monitor your sites every two minutes for uptime, and all sites hosted on Kinsta are protected by Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall and includes free DDoS protection. Kinsta support two-factor authentication, IP Geolocation blocking, and automatically ban IPs that have more than 6 failed login attempts in a minute. Strong passwords are enforced on all new installs and they automatically create 2 weeks’ worth of backups, meaning a hacked or defaced site can be instantly rolled back.

25,260+ organizations from 128 countries around the globe use Kinsta’s infrastructure to scale their businesses, including high-traffic blogs, startups, agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. The only continent Kinsta haven’t reached yet is Antarctica.

Yes, Kinsta can migrate as many WordPress sites as you need from another host. Kinsta allows for unlimited free standard WordPress migrations in most cases. The exception being that it is not available for multisite networks or for sites using WP Engine’s LargeFS.

All sites on Kinsta are protected by free Cloudflare integration. Cloudflare is a leading provider of web security and performance services. With Cloudflare integration, sites hosted on Kinsta are protected by an intelligent firewall that also includes free DDoS protection.

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